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With 2015 being such a significant year a number of events are being planned to commemorate Anthony including a memorial event being held in Knowsley and this year's annual Anthony Walker Memorial Lecture being staged in Liverpool. Venue and arrangements for this year's Festival and Gala Dinner are taking place. Updates on these activites and others will be posted over the coming months.

The Foundation were recently successful in securing funding from the Victims Services and Restorative Justice Fund enabling us to increase the level of activity we are able to offer to support individuals, families and communities experiencing hate crime and incidents over the coming months.


We've also been supporting local theatre company 20 Stories High and in particular their production of Black, a powerful hard-hitting performance that helps audiences reflect on a range of issues arising from racism. Following sell-out performances in the Liverpool Everyman Theatre the production is being showcased in local schools and across the country in the coming months.

Our diversity and hate crime awarneness workshops continue to be popular with schools recognising the value of preventative educational work to reduce the likliehood of discriminatory and offending behaviour occuring within the school environment.

We recently attended the Al-Rahma mosque for their multi-faith morning and it was encouraging to see the fruits of their work in engaging schools, young people and communities to dispel myths and highlight the many similarities that exist within different faiths that should bring communities together rather than push them apart. 

If you have any comments or questions about our work please don't hesitate to contact us. Email AWF at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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