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Research in Hate Crime Prevention in LIverpool

The Anthony Walker Foundation and the University of Liverpool Interchange Project are exploring hate crime prevention in the city. We are looking for feedback from individuals who have attended our current Upstanders programme in schools or attended the hate crime and diversity programme delivered in partnership with Liverpool Youth Offending Service.

The Upstanders programme is part of a project funded by Awards for All and uses activities and film clips to raise awareness of the impact of racist and religious hate crime with the objectives of challenging behaviours and attitudes that discriminates others. If you wish to take part in this piece of research click on the following link:

Upstanders Survey

We are also looking to interview individuals who are prepared to speak about hate crime and whether you’re a young person or an individual who works for an organisation that has a role in tackling hate crime we would very much welcome your participation. For further information Click here

Click here if you’re an organisation or practitioner for information on how you can help in the research

Similarly, if you are a young person who has attended the AWF and YOS Hate Crime and Diversity Programme, we would welcome your views on the programme. You can do so by clicking on the link below:

AWF and YOS Survey



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