Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse Announce Partnership with Anthony Walker Foundation  

As part of its ongoing commitment to being an anti-racist organisation, the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse is delighted to be formalising a partnership with the Anthony Walker Foundation today to further its ambitions. 

Mark Da Vanzo, CEO for the theatres said,   

“We are so grateful to all those who have been part of our drive for change. Collaboration is key to this and working with the Anthony Walker Foundation has been invaluable. As we aim to reflect the diversity of our communities through the work on our stages, our workforce, ensuring our buildings are as accessible as they can be and that our initiatives do not perpetuate inequality, it is vital that our staff are supported and trained. Our new formal partnership with Anthony Walker Foundation is important in delivering this and we are thankful to Gee and the team.”   

John Denny CEO of the Anthony Walker Foundation added,  

“We know that the Liverpool Everyman Theatre & Playhouse is iconic in this City, and “is committed to community-led work, consultation and collaboration” with a mission to “nurture positive social change and explore what it is to be human”

At the Anthony Walker Foundation we are overjoyed to become partners in this mission, bringing our approach to anti-racism developed as part of the legacy we have created in response to the racially motivated murder of Anthony Walker in 2005.”

Changing attitudes and established working practices does not happen overnight and this new partnership with the Anthony Walker Foundation is another step on that an-going journey, so that everyone who comes through the theatres’ doors feels welcome and safe, regardless of their background or means. You can read more about the theatres’ commitment to diversity here