Workshops and costs…

Below is a list and costs of the workshops we deliver. Please note the information is for guidance ane we can usually adjust content to meet specific needs and requests from schools.

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Workshop content cost
Colour Blind (Maximum number of 30 learners) This 45 minute workshop features an educational DVD directed by Lenny Henry showing the impact of racism.
This 25 minute film demonstrates how stereotypes and myths can escalate to actions and consequences.
The DVD presentation is followed by interactive activities reinforcing learning and emphasises the need for all to act to challenge racism and any form of hate crime and discrimination
£150.00 plus travel costs
School Assembly Presentation Individually designed presentations to schools and further education establishments focussing on themes of diversity, equality and the importance of challenging discrimination. These presentations incorporate and address any issues identified by the school in connection with these themes.A variety of resources are available to supplement presentations including DVDs and Powerpoint £150.00 plus travel costs
Diversity workshops (Infants) (Maximum number of 25 learners) The Foundation is now able to offer diversity training to infants with ‘hands on’activities that help raise understanding of diversity and equality, valuing difference and how it feels to be treated unfairly. These workshops run for a maximum of 45 minutes £150.00 plus travel costs
Real Story: Anthony Walker(Maximum number of 30 learners Screening of BBC documentary focussing on the events leading up to and after the racist killing of Anthony Walker. The 30 minute film includes news coverage of the events, the police investigation and Gee Walker speaking about her feelings and forgiveness.The screening of the film is followed by discussion on the contents of the documentary with emphasis on the impact and consequences of racism, how it can escalate and the impact on individuals, families and communities £150.00 plus travel costs
Racist and Religious Hate Crime: Schools Project (Maximum number of 30 learners) Workshop lasting up to 60 minutes raising understanding of racist and religious hate crime using learning resources specifically designed by the Crown Prosecution Service, National Union of Teachers and the Anthony Walker Foundation. using film clips and worksheets, learn about the impact of hate crime which can occur in many different settings.
The material can benefit learners young and old, and in particular empowers teaching staff to understand how to deal effectively with incidents.
£150.00 plus travel costs
Equality Act 2010 Training/ Tackling Discrimination in the workplace (Maximum number of 18 learners) Delivery of 3 one and a half hour briefing sessions of facilitated discussions/ workshops for staff on racism and other diversity strands relating to hate crime.
The workshops also include an overview over hate crime legislation, corporate and individual responsibilities and how to challenge discrimination and prejudice
From £250.00 Per Session plus travel costs
Organisation Presentations and/ or Conferences Working with organisations the Foundation is able to deliver individually designed presentations on a range of issues including diversity, equality, challenging discrimination, unconscious bias, the impact of hate crime and many other subjects. We are also able to deliver and facilitate workshops at events. Negotiable Based on content