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The Anthony Walker Foundation is a registered charity established by Anthony's family after his racially motivated murder in 2005. The Foundation is a company limited by guarantee. It was incorporated in January 2006 and registered as a charity on 31st January 2007.

The aims and objectives of the charity are to promote racial harmony through education, sport and the arts, promoting the celebration of diversity and personal integrity and the realisation of potential of all young people. AWF operates locally, regionally and nationally but the priority focus is Merseyside.

Hate crime on Merseyside, as it is nationally, is a serious concern and poses a threat to cohesive and strong local communities. In the recently published An Overview of Hate Crime in England and Wales (Home Office 2013) the recorded number of hate crime offences in 2012/13 reported was 42,236 with race being the motivating factor in 85% of the recorded figures.

Liverpool City Council Youth Safety Adult & Bullying Audit in 2010 surveyed young people aged 11 and over and found that 70% of respondents worried about racism and racist attacks, 24% had been bullied on basis of skin colour, race or religion, 3% because of their disability, 9% because of their sexuality.

AWF works to prevent youth involvement in hate crime by working with all young people across racial groups to feel secure in their identity and empowered to welcome and celebrate diversity in their communities. Primarily through arts and education based workshops on diversity and inclusion delivered locally and nationally through schools and youth clubs, in addition to the annual arts/sport/education AWF festival in Liverpool celebrating diversity in the month of Anthony’s anniversary. Such activities and events contribute to improving community cohesion and promotes social inclusion.

Through the AWF Young Ambassadors (14-25) programme young volunteers develop skills, confidence and abilities to challenge racism and discrimination, identity based bullying and promote diversity within their own communities (this has led to 2 young people designing and acquiring funding for their own local projects with AWF).

We work with young offenders who commit hate crimes to reduce their re-offending through our diversity programme which incorporates exploring self-identity, stereotyping and labels, discrimination, restoration and forgiveness concepts and diversity of local communities. In our 2010/2011 pilot programme with Liverpool YOS 100% of the young people who attended did not re-commit hate crimes in following 12 month period.

We have begun work with young victims through our information line and direct work to support them and their families after the experiencing race hate crime and racial bullying, empowering them to regain well being, confidence, self esteem and positive identity, reduce negative responses (including retaliation) and reintegration into their community.

Nationally, our involvement and activities include:

  • Anthony Walker Law Bursary with Crown Prosecution Service and Liverpool John Moores University, aimed at supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to become a lawyer (this was Anthony’s aspiration
  • Annual Anthony Walker Memorial Lecture with National Union of Teachers
  • Anti-racist education resource film ‘Colour Blind’ supported by Liverpool FC and Comic Relief
  • Talks/workshops for national conferences
  • Contribution to Show Racism the Red Card & Kick it Out Campaigns
  • National website
  • Social media sites including Twitter, AWF Facebook page and Young Ambassador facebook group

The Foundation can be contacted via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone on 0151 237 3974 (office hours only)








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  • Liverpool City won't admit it's ingrained in them I've just been hound out of my job those who aren't racist just stand by and do nothing. I was racially attacked recently. and police said I was the aggressior yet this racist was screaming racist abuse at me then run me over twice?. Keep fighting racism. D.byrne

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