A Message From Gee Walker…

Welcome to the Anthony Walker Foundation website and thank you for taking the time to consider the work and role of the Foundation.

In the aftermath of my dear Anthony’s passing, my family and I decided it was necessary for us to establish the Foundation. It was vital for us as a family that the memory and legacy of Anthony lives on, that all he loved and aspired to is not simply forgotten. ‘Don’t let my son’s death be in vain’ were words I spoke and these sentiments are as important today as they were in 2005.

The Foundation, and the work and messages it delivers here on Merseyside, and much further afield is so important. Everyone associated with the Foundation is committed to making a difference, to challenge prejudice, discrimination, inequality and instead promote peace, harmony and integrity.

My personal involvement provides me first-hand opportunities to witness the support of so many, young children and some not so young! That support is greatly appreciated and gives me, my family and the Foundation the strength and encouragement to ensure our messages will continue to be heard and understood. It has not always been easy. Many tears have been shed over the years but happily when I see the response in people, especially young children, there have also been tears of joy and laughter.

Children are our future and it is vital we all do our utmost to help them understand that racism has no place in today’s society. Sadly we all have to admit racism and other forms of hate and discrimination does take place. It happens in schools, in the workplace, public places and we cannot, and must not, turn a blind eye to it.

I can play my part, my family too alongside the Foundation in challenging racism and hate crime. We are not alone in this challenge and we work alongside many other fine organisations and individuals who perform a similar work. Everyone can play their part. I would encourage you to do your utmost to live a life that is peaceful and shows respect for others. Be a good neighbour, a good friend, be kind and be hospitable. We must hold fast to our hopes, believe that we can play our part in making society a better place.

It’s not easy and we must strive hard to show our forgiveness, our compassion, our love. I can speak from personal experience about how difficult this is however I hold fast to my dreams. What we consider once impossible can become possible if we believe, if we have faith and we work together.

I thank you personally for your support, your kindness and belief, all of which keeps the legacy of my son, Anthony, alive all of which helps to offer hope not just now but long into the future.

Dr. Gee Walker