30th July 2018: 13th aniversary of the racist murder of Anthony Walker

Thirteen years ago, on this day people on Merseyside were waking to the breaking news that black teenager, Anthony Walker, had been attacked and died in the early hours of 30 July.

It was an unprovoked attack and it was quickly established the motivation behind the attack was racial. Anthony’s family were already suffering the anguish and heartache of losing a son, a brother. Neighbours, friends and the whole community were shocked that such an abhorrent crime could happen in their city.

The days, weeks and months that followed brought much attention to Merseyside and the tragic events leading to Anthony’s death. Gee Walker and her family’s response is well documented. Their faith, courage, strength and resilience saw them through the most anguishing and trying of times.

The name of Anthony Walker lives on. In 2005 millions were to mourn, wonder and question how a young man with his whole life ahead could be killed for no other reason than the colour of his skin. Since then then of thousands have been educated about Anthony learning how a senseless and shocking crime took a life because of prejudice, discrimination, hatred and racism. More than simply raising awareness the message the Foundation promotes is one of respect, integrity, peace and harmony.

The work and achievements of the Foundation is a fitting and lasting testament to Anthony’s life. A young man who had ambition, aspirations,¬† and a real sense of purpose. Loving life and enjoying the time the time with everyone who touched his life Anthony wanted the best for everyone.

Its those qualities that the Foundation strives to instil in yung people today.Encourage reflection, self-belief and achievement we want to make a real and positive difference in our communities.It’s the individuals themselves who collectivley can have a significant and telling impact on how society lives today and long into the future.

Gee’s plea to let her sonn’s death not be in vain is one we would all do well to heed. Surely the world would be a better place if racism and any form of hostility and hatred based¬† on difference did not exsit.

#RIPAnthony #Gonebutnotforgotten